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Most proxy records have to be calibrated against independent temperature measurements, or against a directly calibrated proxy, during their period of overlap to estimate the relationship between temperature and the proxy.

The longer history of the proxy is then used to reconstruct temperature from earlier periods. Army’s Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory used an 80-foot (24 m)-long modified electrodrill in 1968 at Camp Century, Greenland, and Byrd Station, Antarctica.

Other properties of the annual rings, such as maximum latewood density (MXD) have been shown to be better proxies than simple ring width.

Using tree rings, scientists have estimated many local climates for hundreds to thousands of years previous.

Tilting of Lake Pielinen, eastern Finland--an example of extreme transgressions and regressions caused by differential post-glacial isostatic uplift/Erinevused jaaajajargses isostaatilises maakerkes pohjustavad Ida-Soome Pielineni jarve arengus ekstreemseid transgressioone ja regressioone Late Glacial vegetation, sedimentation and ice recession chronology in the surroundings of Lake Prossa, central Estonia/Taimestik, sedimentatsioon ja jaa taandumise kronoloogia Hilis-Glatsiaalis Prossa jarve umbruses Kesk-Eestis BX berobed / Xeroxed BZ bibb / zizz BD babble / daddle BG barbet / garget BI habnab / Hainai BK banaba / Kanaka BM barb / mann BO bleb / oleo BR beback / rerack BT barbaric / tartaric BW brab / wraw BY baba / yaya oli lubatud kasutada raudteejaamade ja toostusettevotete siseruumide maalritoodel juhul, kui selleks oli olemas kompetentse institutsiooni luba, mis oli eelnevalt tooliste ning tooandjate organisatsiooniga kooskolastatud.

and enable scientists to reconstruct the climatic conditions over a longer fraction of the Earth's history.

However, they record surface temperature not the near-surface temperature (1.5 meter) used for most "surface" weather observations.

These can differ substantially under extreme conditions or when there is surface snow.

Tree rings are wider when conditions favor growth, narrower when times are difficult.The distribution of proxy records, just like the instrumental record, is not at all uniform, with more records in the northern hemisphere.In science, it is sometimes necessary to study a variable which cannot be measured geology, pair of thin sedimentary layers formed annually by seasonal climatic changes.Usually found in glacial lake deposits, varves consist of a coarse-grained, light-colored summer deposit and a finer-grained, dark-colored winter deposit formed when fine sediment settles out from the water under the ice cover.

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