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Both are now completely “out.” Tinder, they say, helped them get there. And as far as most people were concerned, I was a straight woman.*** In many ways, Landwirth and Vidal’s story is my story, too. But when I downloaded the app, I took a step I’d been wanting to take for a long time: I set my preferences to show me both men and women.Landwirth had known he was gay for a while; he’d felt himself eyeing guys when he’d go out to bars in college. When he was finally ready to start meeting men, though, Landwirth had no idea where to start.“I was way too scared to talk to anybody — I didn’t know who was gay or not gay, or what to say to them,” he says.For the most part, though, I still had no idea at that point in my life where to find other women who were like me.I didn’t yet know about “girls’ nights” at bars yet, or all-girl parties.

(Even though that sometimes happens along the way, like it did for Landwirth and Vidal.) Tinder’s lighthearted brand of sexual consumerism also means that it can make for a fun group activity (how often have you seen groups of people Tindering together on someone’s phone at a bar or a party? And this, in turn, can make it easier for people to come out to their friends. Ian, who wanted to use only his first name, had already told a couple of people by late 2016, but the majority of his friends still didn’t know until this past New Year’s Eve, when he opened Tinder on his phone while at a party.

There are a number of options within Disabled Passions to help connect members, including the following: Disabled ‘Groups’ allow members to find others who share very specific interests / similarities.

Disabled Forums allow members to post on topics of interest.

But Tinder has a handful of advantages that, in my opinion, make it a better for people who are questioning if they’re queer, or want to “dip their toe,” to borrow Moon’s phrasing.

For one thing, the gamey design lets your first instinct take over: You might you like girls, for instance, but if you’re not “liking” any of them at first glance, the app may be revealing something about who you’re really attracted to.

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